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The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism

Book recommendation:

The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism by Howard Bloom

A few of my favorite quotes from the book are as follows, 

“ Never look down on a human need. Even what seems seedy can upscale the power of dreams” (H. Bloom,  pg.325).

“Don’t let economists fool you. Demand is not an equation, it’s a passion” (H. Bloom, pg.341).

“Dream your ass off, sell your visions, then your fantasies come true” (H.Bloom, pg.362).

“ Mistakes are a risk of courage” (H. Bloom,pg.366).

What are the current P.T. Barnums of contemporary society – those who impress you for their ability to influence the masses” (H. Bloom, pg.398).“The truth at any price including the price of your life” (Bloom, GOB, pg.456).
“Look at things right under your nose as if you’ve never seen them before” (H. Bloom, pg.456).

Author, Howard Bloom’s wikipedia entry

For sale via Amazon

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Notes from Power Stories Valerie Khoo

Notes from the book Power Stories by Valerie Khoo

1) The Spark

– Easily digestible to want to know more.

– Describe your passion and outcome for what you do.

2) The Flame

– Slow comfortable burn

– How you help others?

– Don’t overwhelm with too much information

3) Fan the Flames

– Focus on conversation about your story (reveal part of your entrepreneurial’s story/journey)

– Don’t get up on what part ought to be revealed when. Your file can burn subtlety or intensely.

What did I love to do when I was 12.

– Work on 10 second elevator pitch

– Work on  30 seconds  pitch focus on how you do what you do.

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How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice?

Good article for musicians of all experience levels.

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Irec – Wayfarers Chapel, Lloyd Wright architecture

  • Wayfarers Chapel, Ranchos Palos Verdes: This architectual gem known as the glass church was desgined by Lloyd Wright and is located south of Los Angeles in Rancho Palos Verdes.

The recommendations I make are unsolicited and I am no compensated for them

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I’m passing on a recent recommendation from my wise and intelligent friend, Alex Lightman on three ways to improve your brain health and performance. I’m starting with Luminosity for a few weeks and then plan on diving into one of the books below.

Let me know what works for you to boost your brain function and performance.

1) Luminosity: a website that creates a customized program for your brain. Start with the free trial which I did. I next on plan signing up for the paid version.

2) Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John Ratey

3) Use Your Brain to Change Your Age by Daniel Amen

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Superior Relationship Development Interview: Eduardo Sciammarella, Enlightened Entrepreneur

Superior Relationship Mastery Interview: Eduardo Sciammarella, Founder of Protohaus & Gather Green

I’m super pleased to finally post my interview  with Eduardo Sciammarella, a former designer for Sony turned entrepreneur. Eduardo is a graduate of the IIT Institute of Design and the Founder’s Institute who is making his mark through various efforts including Gather Green & Protohaus. Besides being a sharply skilled designer and thoughtful entrepreneur, Eduardo possesses an inner urge to create and be a part of  initiatives that are in alignment with his big heart.

Related to Eduardo

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Qik Test

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6 Awesome tools You Need to Check out

6 indispensable and awesome tools that you need to check out.

  1. Drop Box:  Web based file sharing system. I use it on my desktop with ease and am finding their mobile app extremely useful.
  2. Camera+: Improves the camera performance on my mobile. It’s almost  like having a SLR built into my mobile.
  3. Plaxo: I used it use it as my primary calendar and contact management since the data since in the cloud. I still love that it’s easy to use, integrates with my mobile, and is inexpensive.
  4. Kayak: I swiftly can find hotels, airline fares,car rental, and more via their mobile app.
  5. Bitly: When I need to shorten a URL,  I use Bitly.
  6. Linked In: Described as a social network for professionals. It’s also a great research tool.
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Irec: SpeedBriefs

If you are looking to boost your business skills, I  recommend checking out SpeedBriefs which is ” focused exclusively on professional webinars. Every year, SpeedBriefs publishes over 500 10-minute and 60-minute webinars on the most important hot topics, business skills, and new technologies that enable professionals of all levels to enhance their business skills.”

Please note I am not compensated to endorse this company or others in previous posts.

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