IREC: Organic Bouquet, Oberon, Elance

Today’s post are focused on three businesses who are excelling by doing things differently and using innovation (albeit in different ways).

  • Organic Bouquet, distributors of the world’s tallest roses.
  • Oberon, ” been researching and developing the production of single cell protein (SCP) from un-utilized food processing by-product streams for over five years.  Oberon’s vision is to become the premier supplier of high-quality SCP meal destined for use in animal feed diets.  Oberon has completed proof-of-concept studies for growing Tilapia using SCP from by-products of food processing operations.  The production of protein utilizing Oberon’s proprietary process results in a material with an amino acid profile that is similar to fish meal protein and that can be sustainably produced.”
  • Elance ” where companies find, hire, manage and pay contractors online, is transforming the way businesses get work done.”

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