Rainy days

I’ve never properly given this newish blog any type of introduction. It hatched without fanfare, a plan, or twitter posting.   In fact, someone else set it up for me so there was little excuse to not give it a shot.  I simply knew that I had an archive of places, people, online tools, and other gems that I wanted to share with others. I also realized there’s an interior part of me which observes, listens, and soaks in life’s undulations.  As you will see by some of the categories, I have eclectic interests (culinary adventure, music with an emphasis on improvisation, tech trends, space and entrepreneurship). This blog started as something functional but I’m also sensing that it could be cathartic as well.

I spend most of my time in a place where it does not rain often. Usually, if it’s cloudy for more than 48 hours, people start to get antsy  and will comment ‘where did their sun go?’ The sun didn’t go anywhere; it’s behind the clouds. I looked at the rain as an opportunity to do things a bit differently (i.e. shaking it up).

For starters, I’ve taken several  walks  in the rain. Rain to me is a bit like a  favorite meal that one doesn’t have the opportunity to partake in often. Its sound to me is reminiscent of a Steve Reich’s clapping music. Plus, The rain was an excuse for me to be a better observer and in a sense do things more mindfully.I walked both with purpose (skipping over the puddles) while at the same time observing myself observing.  I must remind you that it really doesn’t rain here often.  Even a modicum of rain can cause small and sometimes large currents mini rivers to form. The waters weave down every thoroughfare (and not just the streets) heading for the  Pacific. I digress slightly…

The rain was an influencer for another change in my daily routine. I normally practice yoga in the afternoon, but last night chose to go to a 10:30 pm class with my friend. My guess is that most people are watching tv, reading a book, maybe out at a bar.  I certainly am not usually doing  anything physical at that hour except for maybe consuming a cold beverage with friends or maybe playing my guitar. The class required attention to my breath and remaining present  which took considerable focus. The class ended close to midnight and I felt fantastic. I realized I did not have to be a slave to the notion of ‘when I’m supposed to do something or not do it.’ The norm would be to not engage in any exercise or physical activity before bed. However, I took a chance and listened to my gut (Btw, I slept great).

As I was entering and leaving the yoga studio I was expecting to see  band of homeless people who normally congregate in this area at all hours.  The streets were mostly desolate seemingly absent of the mostly forgotten members of our society. Maybe I’m naive, but perhaps maybe these people found a warm, dry place to spend night which would be a  welcome change to their seemingly intolerable living conditions.


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