Upside down might be right side up

Is the notion of being perfect holding you back?

Underwater Galapagos

You’ve  probably all been at places in our lives where we felt we couldn’t move forward because we were missing something. That something could be money, the right tool for a job, the latest and greatest software, the right venue, the right connections, etc.

A yoga teacher named B. K. once said in a class I was in  that ‘we don’t come with a blueprint.’ Assuming that’s true, is it really necessary for us to constantly benchmark ourselves against others?   Sticking with the yoga theme, I’ve found that many of my more positive experiences with yoga occurred when I  forgot about what other people in a class were doing or not doing. You might be a runner, an engineer, an artist but the theme is still the same. Try on the idea that you are perfect as you are right now. Repeat that to yourself, write it down, visualize it in anyway possible. Your ego may tell you that is not possible.

You might have experienced several seconds where you felt something deep resonating inside your core emanating outward. Do not worry if you didn’t feel it. It takes practice to feel it. That feeling though is actually always inside you. You were born perfect and whole.  The ego likes to cover you  like a security blanket. That same blanket can smother and stifle the creative, free beings we already are. The ego thinks it is protecting us by giving us reasons to not do something.  In reality, it’s holding you back.

Write  down the the potential ‘worst case scenarios’ for whatever situation comes to mind. Write them all down no matter how incredible they seem.  Get creative and go from the mundane to the extreme.  Is there any sense of liberation once you’ve listed these hypothetical disasters? The ego might even tell you that this exercise is a waste or time and effort. You don’t need special software or large amounts of time just a bit of your brain-ware.

With mindful practice,  you can each remove the blockage of the ego. The ego doesn’t mean anything malicious; it’s only trying to protect you. Even if you can only allocate a few moments each day affirming that you are  whole and perfect, what do you have to lose.  You might only feel and experience that warm, inner happiness for seconds. That’s ok. Once you’ve the before process has started, it can’t be stopped. It can be delayed, but not stopped. There is no one perfect practice. All paths lead to the same end. Be creative and create your own program. Share with me what you do or have done to tame your ego.

Gradually with practice, you can increase your perception of that inner joy that has always been inside you.


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