Yoda on my mind

For who knows what reason I’ve been thinking about Yoda (the character from Star Wars). Then, last night I saw a  portion of Empire Strikes Back (my favorite Star Wars episode) while I was out on the town. Yoda was diminutive in size, bold in words, a formidable warrior, a coach with a great track record. According to a wikipedia entry on Minch Yoda (his full  name), he worked with several Jedis  including Luke Skywalker. Have you ever found yourself in need of someone to challenge you, ask you the questions you might be unwilling to ask yourself today? We now live in a time where this an  overwhelming amount of information available  to help solve every issue and woe. There’s a tendency for people to believe that if we read one more book or _____ (fill in the blank)  will be ready and have all the answers to move forward with whatever we are working on or not working on.  Usually, these tactics are band-aids though.  From my experience, much of this information  gleaned ends up being better party conversation than tools that are actually implemented.

Do you have a yoda in your life?

The lack of accountability could be one reason that the tools mentioned above don’t truly transform us or push us to live our dreams.

Perhaps the answers (i.e truth) already lies in each of us?

I know that sometimes I need a real person, a Yoda, to ask me the questions and push me into areas outside of my comfort zone. Books are great but they can’t follow up with each of us. When we are looking into the whites of someone’s eyes or speaking to them via telephone, it’s much more difficult to make excuses as to why we didn’t do ‘xyz’ as promised. Accountability.

Coaches can provide some of that accountability in a way that’s supportive and encouraging.  They don’t necessarily give us the answers. They help us recognize that the answers are already in each of us. Sounds a bit cryptic. Working with a coach is a bit like going on a exploration of ourselves where the coach is there to ask if we thought about this or that. They might ask questions such as if we  considered a potential option or opportunity.

Contact me  space DOT entrepreneur AT Gmail Dot com for more information pertaining to coaching services.

Quotes from Yoda

Do or do not… there is no try.” Yoda

“[Luke:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.”

Below is a fun video from one of my all time favorites Weird Al who was one of the first live artists I ever saw in concert.


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