Appreciation Marketing

A friend of mine, Phil Gascoyne, introduced me to a term he calls Appreciation Marketing.

It’s actually something I’ve practiced for years but didn’t have any specific name for. Phil’s describes it as the following ”  taking the time to think of the other person, whether they are a client, a customer, an business associate or fellow worker.  It could be a card, a heart felt note, an action that just says thanks, I appreciate and was thinking of you with no strings attached.   It is the opposite of Promotion where I am telling you how I am the best thing since sliced bread and you need my product or service.”

Consider Taking 5 minutes at some point in the next week to try your hand at appreciation marketing. There’s numerous ways to personalize it. Do what feels comfortable to you. I am confident that you will make someone’s day brighter. What’s better than that?

Phil’s upcoming website is

Stay You!


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