Augmented Reality or Diminished Dreams?

Terminator Vision

Recently, I started following trends in the field of Augmented Reality which you can think of as using computer generated imagery overlayed  on to the physical world. One reference point is Terminator vision. Augemented reality (i.e. A.R. ) is already being used for marketing campaigns which still feels novel. After attending a recent Meet Up on A.R., I see real potential for the rapidly developing technology. You can’t go out and purchase a pair of A.R. equipped sunglasses yet, but there are several A.R. programs for select mobile phones. My phone does not yet have any A.R. applications, so I might have to start with A.R. apps for my desktop.

At minimum, I plan on following the development and mainstreaming of this technology. Below are several video demonstrations of that can give you an idea of the potential for Auugmented Reality.

Several Video Demos

Marketing and Branding

Interacting with the Environment


Hand from Above from Chris O’Shea on Vimeo.


FoodTracer concept+demo from gusepo on Vimeo.




More videos.


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