Yes is Not a Dirty Letter Word

Have you ever been thrown into  in a situation that initially seems appealing & cool initially but actually scares  you on  because you’ve never done it before. If you are thinking or say no, you are probably lying.

There were times where I said yes to a new opportunity where soon after I felt a minor endorphin rush or ego bump. Typically, it subsided , and then something like buyer’s remorse kicks back in.

Recently,  I was asked to moderate a panel called Meeting Customer Needs: Space-Related Business Opportunities for  Space Investment Summit 8 in Chicago. As part of the planning committee for the Summit, we’re working on ways to highlight how the areas of solar energy production, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and other areas could connect with the  space industry.  I thought to myself this is terrific, but I am not a new-technology expert(yet). Then I ahead an “Ah ha” moment. There’s no reason why I ought to not be up there.

Scared and excited by the opportunity,  it’s a license to learn. Now, I’m reading up on the benefits of microgravity research, the biotech market, and much more.

Maybe you feel don’t have the enough experience or the right credentials. Saying no is only an excuse to not giving yourself permission to grow.  Saying yes means you are willing taking a chance to do maybe even do something incredible.

How do you deal these type of situations?

After being volunteered or saying yes, the first thing I typically do  is jott down notes. It’s almost stream of conscious in terms in terms of what might flow.  I’m decent researcher, so I’ll then spend some time gathering information, leads, people to talk to etc. I’ve found reaching out directly  to friends and colleagues can save time and is an excuse to stay in touch and keep a relationship vibrant. If a someone wants to help but doesn’t know about the area you need help in simply ask for a referral to someone who does know. Either way, always make sure to let any of the people you come into contact with know you are appreciative of their time.

So what do you say? Give it a shot, say yes.

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