Indonesian – Adventure in 2000

10 years ago I traveled to Bali Indonesia as part of Burat Wangi a Southern California based Balinese Gamelan. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a portion of my summer in Bali and a few other parts of Indonesia. It’s difficult to believe its been 10 years. If you can make the opportunity to go to Bali, do it. I had a multitude of wonderful memories from that trip but one that came to mind over the past day, was the wonderful food at a place in the town of Ubud, Bali called Casa Luna. They serve Mediterranean and Balinese food; run a hotel, and cooking school. I particularly recall loving their Neapolitan style pizzas that was infused with Balinese creativity.

Indonesia is a massive country so if you go to Bali also consider visiting some of the other areas. I ventured to Komodo, Flores and a few other areas east of Bali. I give thanks to my family, I Nyomen Wenten, the Indonesian Consulate in Los Angeles for making this trip happen for me. I traveled there with old and newer friends which also made the summer special. Every day in Indonesia was a seemingly magical adventure.

Gamelan Burat Wangi Rehearsing in Bali

Post dinner at Dolphin Cafe on Bali


Bali Life


Komodo Dragon crossing the road

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