Irec: Portraits by Julie Adler

Portraits have long been a unique way to capture a person’s visual vibe. My friend Julie Adler is creating lovely portraits for people like you. She’s a graduate of Cooper Union & Cal Arts.

She offers a range of sizes that can suit a variety of budgets.

Mention my name, Robert Jacobson, if you contact Julie regarding  a commission.


“Julie Adler created a portrait of my three-year-old daughter, Leila, that pleases us tremendously.  We call it “Blue Girl.”  And blue is her favorite color, also the color of her eyes. Sometimes Leila says goodnight to the portrait before bed.  And she likes to show it to people when they come to our house for the first time.  I always thought the portrait would be for us, the parents, but this one is also loved by her.  It is her.”   –India Radfar

“Julie was able to capture my daughter’s spirit without even meeting her, simply through a photograph.  When I saw the painting, I broke down in tears—a true representation of my daughter.  Thank you Julie.  You are a master!”  – Liza Taylor

“I am writing to thank you so very much for the wonderful and fascinating oil portrait of my granddaughter, age 3.  While it is clearly and skillfully taken from the photo we supplied you, it also has a magical quality of progressing her age and wisdom forward toward the person she is becoming – she looks like an interesting character, not just a pretty little girl.” –Sharon Porter

“Julie Adler is an exceptional artist.  She captures and expresses with depth the heart essence in a way rarely seen in portraiture.  Similarly, with landscapes, Julie is able to convey not just the beauty of the land, but also the serenity and preciousness of an overall region, even if she had never been there herself.   She is intuitive and expressive and very talented.  I recommend Julie’s work highly, and am eager to commission another piece from her as soon as possible!” –Kathleen Pratt


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