January 31, 2011: 31 Reasons why 2011 was Wonderful to Me

Originally posted on Facebook on Monday, January 31, 2011 at 10:49pm

I took a look back at the first 31 days of 2011 and listed a few highlights. I couldn’t squeeze them all in – that’s a good thing.  Regardless, I’m  grateful for the wonderful people who are in my life and I’ve met along the way this past month.

1. CD compilation from Steve Tibbetts/Frammis.
2. My first Chinese New Year Party  – Go Rabbit, Go!
3. Winning a contest via Facebook  – hmm… Who will get to partake in the prize?
4. Pebblestorm and its creator, Aaron Ross.
5. Great New Year’s celebration benefiting Yoga for Youth.
6. Introduction to Yoga West  – Sat Nam!
7. Learning to sing Sir Duke with the help of Transcribe 8.1
8. Standing in as a photo model for Andrew Lasky.
9. Sunset at Griffith Observatory.
10. Insightful postings and innovation awareness from Alex Lightman.
11. Celebrating the life of Jimmy Wyble, musician, friend, and a human being who had the qualities of a Buddha.
12. Help separately from Carey Fosse and Eduardo Scimmarella – You guys always seem to have my back.
13. Joint Venture space project – Ad Astra!
14. Hanging and playing music with Michael Barsimanto – I guess we can thank the Blue Whale for our reconnection.
15. Woodshed Recording/Richard Gibbs ( he current METal Focus Guy).
16. My tongue drum –  It asks a question but has no answer.
17. Jahcobie! You inspire me.
18. Successful trip to Mojave spaceport – Where dreams are designed, built and flow almost daily.*
19. Scott Farr – Earned his wings and rocks it like no one’s business.
20. Rediscovering trance yoga @ Santa Monica Yoga – Thank you Julian!
21. Svara debut studio recording, New World – In time on time.
22. Checking out Woody playing with Old Californio – Great band with fearless guitar playing by Woody Aplanalp.
23. Aerospace themed photography by Michael Salvatore Tierney  at Blythe Projects .
24. Book – Blue Economy (hipped to me by Alex Lightman).
25. Visit to Challenger Memorial Center in Downey
26. Birthday lunch at Brock and Paul’s home.
27. Visit with Jim Saint Amour, ultra-marathon runner (aka, Über-Badass) and former bandmate.
28. Palm Springs with Chantel and Meli
29. An evening with members of the band Devo.
30. Learning about and listening to Iannis Xenakis (architect and composer).
31. Learning that I’m mostly likely part of a Conspiracy for Good.

There was no preference in terms of order.

* I originally meant “flown,” but I flow works too.


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