It Doesn’t Cost Anything to Look

As as kid, I used to love the annual trip to the State Fair. It was one of the few opportunities, to indulge in some of the junk food that was generally made off limits by my mom. Recently, I had the opportunity, to visit the Plant City Strawberry Festival which is basically a smaller version of the state fair.

Tough comeptitors come in all forms

I was amazed at the variety of foods that they now deep fry. The list includes donuts, twinkies, cookie dough, pickles, cheese,peanut butter cups, strawberries, oreos, butter, and Pepsi. I’m not kidding. Check out the pics from another blog, Meals and Smiles. What was the inspiration to deep fry Pepsi? Thankfully, thank that does not appeal to me.

You’d think that with all of the information out there regarding eating healthy, there would be less fried options at a fair like setting. WRONG – on all accounts. In fact, it really looks like there are more fried choices than ever before. Let me know if I am incorrect.

I'll have some strawberries to go with my whip cream

I also noticed how many seemingly overweight people who had seem to have issues walking were at the festival.  I feel for people who deal with health issues related to their weight. There were really no alternative eating options at the festival for attendees, but it’s not like people attend festivals with the expectation to eat healthy. Do you think a vendor who set up an alternative with healthier choices would do well?

Doughnut Burger

Urban Myth confirmed: Doughnuts take on role as buns for burners

The strategy that I used with my family is to order one item and split it between several of us. This way, we were able to get a taste of whatever it was that we wanted without overindulging. My body can handle a little bit of junk food but problems tend develop when I overindulge. Some people probably have less control over their cravings especially when by themselves.

The next time you are going out to eat with friends or family, consider  making an agreement of that you will share some of the more tempting options.

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