I’m Friends with FRED

A few hours ago, I spoke @ FRED hosted by Steve Glenn of Living Homes. What a wonderful way to end a Wednesday. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to share my love of space. I don’t think there were any pics taken at the event- guess you had to be there.

For those who were there, I’m copying some of the items, events, etc I mentioned. I plan on posting some of links to some of companies and resources I referenced in my talk.

  • Space Tourism Industry + Ten, April 28th, Los Angeles – I’ll be speaking at.
  • 62MileClub’s HQ:  Connecting the mainstream with private spaceflight, Learn how private space flight is going to change the world.
  • 62MileClub’s most recent newsletter
  • Almost obligatory Facebook page cause you never know who else might be a space enthusiast.
  • Space Angels Network – premier source of aerospace dealflow for investors and of early-stage capital for aerospace-related ventures across a wide spectrum of technologies, markets, and industries.
  • Linked In 
  • Subscribe to 62MileClub’s periodic newsletter

I think that’s enough for now. Ad Astra!


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Entrepreneur, musician, urban yogi
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