Take the high ground and be a Space Optimist

You’ve seen the headlines and people remark, NASA is closing down or spaceflight is over. While the space shuttle program has ended, there are still rockets being launched by NASA, just not manned ones for now.

Yes, NASA has significant internal issues and has seen better days. However, I’m hear to tell you the best of spaceflight is yet to come. Private industry is going to play a larger role which will include but not be limited to ferrying people and cargo to space. Commercial efforts can be thought of as complimentary and not competitive which seems to be a common misconception. Private space industry players understand the enormous challenges with developing relatively safe, lower cost space related technology.

Before you dismiss what is or is not going with spaceflight in the U.S., consider following private industry’s efforts with an open minded curious nature.

Thoughts from the front lines and beyond



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