Interview: Paul Anthony Romero, composer & pianist

Interview with Paul Anthony Romero

My friend Joe Lopiccolo introduced me a couple of years ago to his friend and former colleague Paul Romero, a composer who started his career as a professional classical pianist and today whose written soundtracks for over 70 film and gaming scores. Gamers might know of Paul’s music through his scores for Everquest & Heroes of Might and Magic.

I know several composers who are interested in breaking into scoring music for games so they might find this interview insightful.

Paul Anthony Romero

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Paul’s bio

Paul Romero enjoys an award-winning career as both a classical pianist and a soundtrack composer.

Paul Romero has composed over 70 original soundtrack movie and computer game scores, including the monumental orchestral/operatic/choral scores to Ubisoft Corporation’s popular computer game series, “HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC”. So popular are the “HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC” scores that Paul is obliged to compose his first Symphony based on the best musical themes from his “HEROES” soundtrack scores. Romero’s Symphony no. 1, entitled “HEROES” will be completed in 2008.

Romero is also the composer of Sony’s “EVERQUEST”, the world’s most popular online computer game. Romero is the winner of the BMI-Jerry Goldsmith Film Composers Award as well as the recipient of 2 National Endowment for the Arts grants. Two of Romero’s original scores for the “HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC” series have been listed in GameSpot Magazine’s ALL-TIME TOP TEN COMPUTER GAME SCORES. The CD soundtrack collection from the complete ‘HEROES’ series was released in January by UBISOFT and is available at most retail outlets around the world.

As a classical concert pianist, Romero is the winner of numerous international piano competitions including the Paris and the Van Cliburn international piano competitions. Famed music critic Wayne Lee Gay of the Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram recently wrote “Romero evoked the aura of the golden age of the virtuoso, when Liszt and his cohorts crisscrossed Europe and the United States, presenting solo recitals of transcriptions, monumental showpieces and their original music to culture-hungry audiences.

Paul’s  website

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