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Robert Jacobson

Robert Jacobson

Relationship Rocketship – Get ready for blastoff!

My trajectory has not been what I would describe as traditional one, but it’s always been intriguing to me. Even the times I’ve crashed, I used the failures as life lessons.Yes, I’ve crashed and burned but how can one truly understand success if they don’t really have a grasp and the lingering taste of failure.  If there is a thread in my work as an entrepreneur, musician, teacher it was that I excel at bringing people, resources, and ideas together. Relationship management and creation is as natural to me as breathing.

“Relationships are the currency of business,” Keith Ferrazzi.

Some of you will say “well, I’m not a business type, so who cares.”  I don’t care if you perform in a circus, clean offices, or work at  a Fortune 500 company. The relationships you have and could develop matter.

Talk to someone who is successful at what they do and at some point there relationships will probably be mentioned as a factor. Our relationships are significant and extend much deeper than we really might think. They take work, finessing, improvement but they can provide extraordinary returns whether it’s a job-position interview, doctor referral,  or new client.

How do you leverage and manage your relationships? Seriously, I want to know.

I possess the unique ability to help you create threads in places where they might not seem to exist. That’s part of the way I create and manage relationships. My approach is (generally) agnostic to industry. I also don’t have any special software or tools. Seriously! Facebook, Linked In,  and the other myriad of tools are terrific, but they are just tools whether it’s a hammer or screwdriver.

It’s really easy to find yourself  hung up on the tools and forget about your  dreams, goals, and outcomes we wish to achieve. I believe the most important hardware we currently know of is our heart and brain. When you align them with passion and creativity there is no stopping you.

I now hear you saying, ” I’m not creative” or a self-described creative type exclaiming ” I’m not a business person.”

It’s funny to me that business types and creative types used to proudly stand on opposite sides of the room saying “I’m not like them” and “I’m an artist, I don’t need to be business minded” or “I’m a business person, and definitely not creative.”  The truth is that each of us our creative and integrate that part of ourselves into our lives. Creativity and business are not mutually exclusive.

What if we could tap into that other side, integrate it. We’d have something powerful. I pasted the search term “creativity” in a news search engine and you can see for yourself how creativity is mainstream and seen as a resource we can all leverage.

How does it relate to relationships?

When we plug into our creative side, we discover new ways to relate to others that we may have previously thought we had no connection to.  When you explore and identify other ways, less obvious ways you might relate d to someone, the possibility for synergy increases.

Why I can help?

  • Developed into a Master of Business Imagination.
  • Leverage  and maintain a multitude of relationships.
  • Instead of saying, “it won’t work,” I ask the question, “how can we make it work?”
  • Bring ideas to life and spur creativity in other people.
  • Inspire those around me to reach their maximum potential.
  • Cultivate a deep understanding of the needs of both entrepreneurs and artists .

I  can work you directly and/ or  your organization ways to integrate fine tune your relationships, brain sail for new opportunities, break out of old paradigms that might not be serving you. I want to help you create new wins, forge new alliances, in a fun, meaningful way.

The Original Blog introduction:

I’ve never properly given this newish blog any type of introduction. It hatched without fanfare, a plan, or twitter posting.   In fact, someone else set it up for me so there was little excuse to not give it a shot.  I simply knew that I had an archive of places, people, online tools, and other gems that I wanted to share with others. I also realized there’s an interior part of me which observes, listens, and soaks in life’s undulations.  As you will see by some of the categories, I have eclectic interests (culinary adventure, music with an emphasis on improvisation, tech trends, space and entrepreneurship). This blog started as something functional but I’m also sensing that it could be cathartic as well. (originally posted here on January 22, 2010).

This page was set up initially to archive some of the gems I along with some of my friends have found. It’s a collection of cultural artifacts, places to visit,  people who I believe deserve wider recognition, and other fun surprises.

Contact: Robert at Desert Sky Holdings Dot com

* More about me

  • I am a certified  space tourism specialist and advocate for the settlement of space.
  • I meditate and practice hatha yoga.
  • Books that I cherish The 8th Habit, Biocentrism, The One Page Proposal.
  • Presently testing out a pair of Vibram 5 Finger shoes which are based on the principles of barefoot running.
  • As a discover advocate, I tend to be innately curious about people’s interests, backgrounds, and stories.
  • Partner @ GatherGreen
  • I support and give to Trees for Life International.