Communications Guidelines


If you don’t know me well or don’t have an appointment, I’d prefer you first reach out to me via email or other electronic messaging.


  • When scheduling a time to speak, please indicate time zone.
  • If you feel the need to send a calendar invite, fine but I’d prefer to handle it myself.
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements: I typically don’t sign for reviewing startups, new business ventures.

Email 101 (taken with care from David Tisch)

  1. Short email, 3 core sentences,. Get to the Point
  2. Punctuation… Capitalization…Spelling… All are cool…
  3. Make everything searchable
    1. Titles of Email (Company Name – Topic)
    2. Title: Hey/CatchUp/Update= Sucks
    3. Files (Company Name- Topic/File-Status/Version/Date)
  1. Respond Quickly – Always
  2. Get “Reply All” right