Strategic Partner Search

Does your organization have Intellectual Property (Trade-Secret or Patent) which you’d like to find new ways to monetize?

Is there critical technology that your organization needs but is not interested or able to develop internally?

Does your organization need to quickly assess the technological landscape?

If so, we can help through the following:

1. Strategic Partnering Search

2. Landscape Analysis

As part of the strategic partner search:

• Based on your specific criteria, our experts will search for partners or technologies on your behalf and provide a fully qualified list of target companies or opportunities (this is your Qualified Target Prospect List)

• On your instruction we will contact these target companies or research organizations on your behalf to make introductions and then engage and coordinate initial contact/conference calls (this is your Hot List). This provides a streamlined approach to speaking with interested prospective partner organizations.

The key element of our Strategic Partnering Search service enables you to significantly enhance your key partner search capabilities through the utilization of our partnering experts. We will work with you hand-in-hand to identify the most appropriate partners across the US (or global) related industries for your partnering activities.

We work alongside clients from around the world who are leaders in their fields and who have found these services to be invaluable in saving both time and money before either is spent.

Essentially, when your organization is planning for growth, our Innovation Strategy and Landscape Analysis services can help you answer these important questions –

• How crowded is your technology space? Where are the new opportunities? The white spaces?
• Who are the major players? The up-and-coming players? Potential license partners?
• What are the competing solutions being explored by your competitors to address your industry’s key issues? How could they affect your strategies?
• Which companies could potentially be sources of licensable technology, licensing & channel partners or acquisition targets?
• Are any companies breaking out of the established trends in your industry?

Why us?

• Over 20 years of direct experience with tech exchange

• Over 100 success transactions

• Trusted leader and expertise

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