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Notes from Power Stories Valerie Khoo

Notes from the book Power Stories by Valerie Khoo 1) The Spark – Easily digestible to want to know more. – Describe your passion and outcome for what you do. 2) The Flame – Slow comfortable burn – How you … Continue reading

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I am no Angel or Demon – My role in a Dan Brown book

In December, I was given a copy of Dan Brown’s novel, Deception Point. In it a NASA satellite which discovers a “rare object buried in the Arctic ice, the floundering space angency proclaims a much needed victory.” I’ve not read … Continue reading

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Former G.E. Chairman on Free Markets and Private Space Enterprise

After watching the last scheduled launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery earlier today, I thought it would be good to post a piece on the role of government and private industry for space related efforts. The shuttle is in its … Continue reading

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